Saturday, December 2, 2023

Seven New Members Appointed To District Diversity Council

The Carroll School Board recently appointed seven new members to the District Diversity Council in an effort to provide new insight and feedback into the recommendations of six subcommittees (work groups). In addition to the seven new members, 38 existing members of the original DDC have indicated they wish to continue their service on the DDC.

Joining the DDC to provide a new perspective and input are the following individuals appointed by the School Board: Sridevi Vemulapalli, Roshni Chowdhry, Charl Lombard, Dr. John Thomas, Christy Stacy, Fred Stovall and Eduardo DeLugo.

The newly-formed DDC is under the direction of Interim Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Lyon and DDC citizen chair Pam Francis. The only work that is currently ongoing is for the six work groups (subcommittees) to welcome the seven new members and offer them opportunities for input, answer questions submitted by Trustees/community members and prepare a FAQ and revise any recommendations for their subcommittee based on the community feedback.

The FAQ and any revisions to the recommendations of the subcommittees will be posted online by December 15, 2020, and remain online until early February 2021. There is no large group DDC meeting scheduled at this time, nor is any vote or action expected before the arrival of the new superintendent.

Click here for the updated DDC membership.

Click here to visit the DDC webpage.