Saturday, September 30, 2023

Dragon Band Sets Record Number of TMEA All-Region Band Members

The Dragon Band program is excited to announce that it has broken all previous 6A records, by having 69 student-musicians earn positions in the following prestigious TMEA All-Region Bands! It should be mentioned that the overall number of entries and competitors increased across the region this year, with the addition of Irving ISD schools to Region 31. The Dragon Band is incredibly proud of all of the students who went through the audition process and made themselves better musicians along the way.

Additionally, 17 band members (noted below with an *) qualified as area members, earning the top chairs in their respective sections.

Congratulations to the following TMEA All-Region members!

Freshmen All-Region Band

  • David Zacharia (Flute)
  • Andrea Aguilar Villalobos (Bb Clarinet)
  • Ian Yu (Bass Clarinet)
  • Sam Everett (Bassoon)
  • Khang To (Alto Saxophone)
  • Christopher Clarin (Tenor Saxophone)
  • Jake Tessnow (French Horn)
  • Rylie Allen (French Horn)
  • Alexandria Guinn (Trombone)
  • Raiden Kawai (Tuba)

6A Concert Band

  • Jessica Yang (Flute)
  • Likhitha Veerapalli (Flute)
  • Ria Taluja (Bb Clarinet)
  • Yash Baruah (Bb Clarinet)
  • Bailey Koewing (Bb Clarinet)
  • Paula Aponte (Bassoon)
  • Libby McTaggart (Alto Saxophone)
  • Justin Hao (Alto Saxophone)
  • Abigail Balson (Alto Saxophone)
  • Zachary Wassef (Baritone Saxophone)
  • Hudson Koonsman (Trumpet)
  • Morgan Carr (Trumpet)
  • Justin Sasek (French Horn)
  • Carson Crays (Trombone)
  • Jake Bonanno (Bass Trombone)
  • Austin Smallwood (Euphonium)
  • Sebastian Lanuza (Tuba)
  • Jackson Dockal (Tuba)
  • Etash Bhat (Percussion)

6A Symphonic Band

  • Makena Kao (Piccolo)
  • Isabelle Velasco (Piccolo)
  • Dhruvi Rukumanna Gari (Flute)
  • Charissa Wang (Flute)
  • Cara Parsons (Oboe)
  • Eri Pilon (Oboe)
  • Fe Lau (Bb Clarinet)
  • Gavin Eke (Bass Clarinet)
  • Marten Koning (Bass Clarinet)
  • Karla Aleman (Alto Saxophone)
  • Bates Pulliam (Tenor Saxophone)
  • Megan Wolf (French Horn)
  • Aidan Aalund (French Horn)
  • Justin Sasek (French Horn)
  • Carter Doby (Tuba)
  • Brice Prince (Tuba)

Wind Symphony

  • Grace Drake (Piccolo) *
  • Kate Hansen (Flute)
  • Brittany Luan (Flute)
  • Elizabeth Wu (Oboe) *
  • Aleeza Virani (Bb Clarinet) *
  • Kiera DiCesare (Bassoon) *
  • Michelle Page (Alto Saxophone)
  • Georgia Lamont (Trumpet) *
  • Alex Estridge (Trumpet) *
  • Jack Kester (French Horn)
  • Riley Silfies (Trombone)
  • Nicole Krishna (Euphonium)
  • Michael Blumberg (Percussion) *

Wind Ensemble

  • Carson Forkner (Flute) *
  • Imaad Virani (Oboe) *
  • Boyang Liu (Bb Clarinet) *
  • Mattie Kleespies (Bb Clarinet) *
  • Hannah Fonseca (Alto Clarinet)
  • Diego Peña (Bassoon)
  • Andrew Keady (Contra-Bassoon) *
  • Joe Sweeney (Alto Saxophone) *
  • Henry Thompson (Tenor Saxophone) *
  • Olivia Lamont (French Horn) *
  • Caleb Schaunaman (French Horn) *
  • Chris Estridge (Euphonium) *

*Area Qualifier

Texas All-State Members

Diego Peña (Baritone Saxophone – Jazz Band)

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