Friday, December 2, 2022

Carroll Senior High Teacher Wins DAR Outstanding Teacher of American History Award

Scott Thannum, AP and College Prep U.S. History Teacher at Carroll Senior High, recently received the Outstanding Teacher of American History Award from the Captain Molly Corbin chapter of the DAR. Thannum will be presented this award at the chapter award banquet in April.

Thannum was initially nominated for this award by two class of 2021 students in his class, and recommended to the DAR awards committee by the campus administrators at CSHS as well as a fellow teacher.

“He made a personal connection with everyone he taught, which made us feel valued,” said one student, reflecting on their time in Thannum’s class. “His honest and unbiased retelling of history was refreshing and appreciated by students from all backgrounds, and it made us want to become better citizens in both our community and our country as a whole. To us, he is much more than a teacher… he is a mentor and a role model.”

Thannum has taught U.S. History for over 31 years in various North Texas school districts, and counts it an honor to represent the nation’s history while also imparting knowledge on his students. “I believe that an investment in our young people is an investment in the future,” said Thannum. “I want them to have ownership not only in knowing American History, but also in finding their own voice and how the role of their own personal history wraps up in the canopy of our country’s past.”