Friday, December 2, 2022

Spring State Assessment Information for CSHS and CHS

Several state and national assessments will not be available remotely this spring. This includes STAAR, STAAR EOC, STAAR Alternate 2, TELPAS, SAT School Day and ASVAB. Remote students who are participating in any of these assessments will be required to come to campus to participate in testing. TEA requires all STAAR assessments to be monitored in person by district staff. TEA has provided districts with longer testing windows for more flexibility in scheduling these exams. This flexibility could mean that students at different campuses may have different testing days.

For CHS and CSHS Students ONLY:
Students who are scheduled for a STAAR, STAAR EOC, SAT School Day and ASVAB are required to come to campus for the administration of the exam. Students who are not scheduled for an exam on a date listed below will be required to participate in remote learning from home on the scheduled test date, even if they are normally in-person. This will help maximize space for students that will be testing on campus and will eliminate the need to shuttle students between campuses on these days. Students that will be learning from home on these days will be expected to participate through Canvas. Attendance will be taken in person for those students testing and remotely for all others.

Students who are scheduled to take EOC assessments and do not come to campus to take the exam will be missing an opportunity to meet assessment graduation requirements.

Additionally, students who are quarantined will not be allowed to come to campus on testing days, but make-up testing will be provided upon their return if they are able to return within the testing window.

2021 Spring Testing Dates for CHS / CSHS:

See Attached Testing Dates and information regarding synchronous/asynchronous learning.

Only students who are testing will report to campus on these days. These students will receive specific information via email, closer to the testing date, in regards to the testing schedule, what to bring, and testing room assignment.