Friday, March 31, 2023

Carroll High Sophomore Student Wins Gold Award at National Chinese Essay Contest

Carroll High School sophomore, Haoai Li, recently received the “Gold Award” in the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary School’s (CLASS) essay writing contest.

Li was asked to write an essay about what three items she would include in a time capsule from 2020. In her essay, Li wrote about the three things that she believed would best sum up her year.

The essay was entered in Division III category, which is the highest level in the competition, of a national Chinese essay competition organized by the CLASS, the national organization that overlooks the National Chinese Honor Society.

“I found three objects to let the future experience my current feelings: a pot of plants, a string of dialogue, and a piece of clothing,” Li wrote in her entry. 

Li used her essay to share how each of these three items encompassed what she felt throughout 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“I took care of a potted plant. I always pay attention to the world of food delivery at home, Li wrote. “This plant that I took care of is now thriving. He is my return to nature. During this period, I learned that everything in the world is mutually reinforcing. If people protect nature, nature will protect us.”

She continued on with how the important dialogues that she shared with family and friends helped her cope with the unprecedented time she was living through.

From worry to encouragement, we fought side by side. A simple sentence of “pay attention to safety” warmed my heart at all times.”

Her teacher, Yushin Lee is very proud of the way that Li used her writing to describe the life of a young adult dealing with the various aspects of a pandemic.

“The essay expresses the author’s feelings and strategies in overcoming her anxiety about the pandemic,” Lee said. “The writing reflects the author’s kindness and longing for harmony with nature as well as among mankind, as taught by Chinese Taoism.”