Friday, February 23, 2024

Meet World Class Employee Vickie DeWees

Finance plays a major role in supporting the City of Southlake’s customers internally and externally. To make sure they receive world class service, the City hires employees who are highly skilled and disciplined in their fields.

Meet Vickie DeWees. She has been with the City for 26 years and works in the accounts payable sector of the Finance Department where she processes City invoices.

Although she takes her job very seriously, DeWees describes showing up every day as a very easy task.

“I take my job seriously. I like knowing all City invoices have been paid in a timely manner. Our department has always felt like a family, not just coworkers. Makes it easy to want to come to work,” DeWees said.

When she is not crunching numbers and helping the City meet its financial goals, she sends her colleagues a personal birthday message.

“Back when we were a much, much smaller City where everyone knew everyone, I started singing Happy Birthday to employees, but would wait until after they left their desk so I could leave it as a message,” she said. “No one should hear that firsthand! I can’t sing at all, just ask anyone, but I love to sing. The louder the better.”

Her personable approach to employees has won the hearts of new and veteran colleagues.

For those who do not have access to a desk phone like Police, Fire and Public Works Operations and other field employees, DeWees sends them a birthday message.

When asked what makes working for the City so awesome, DeWees recalls the friendships she has made over the years.

If you happen to meet DeWees, make sure you tell her your birthday.

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