Sunday, May 28, 2023

Southlake Community Services Department Welcomes New Deputy Director

There’s a new face in the Community Services Department, and his name is David Miller.

David recently joined the City of Southlake as the new Deputy Director of Community Services last month and has several years in the recreation industry. Having previously worked for the YMCA, he refined his skills in team development, strategic planning, and membership engagement.

When asked what is the best part about working in the Parks and Recreation industry, David asserted that his favorite aspect of the recreation industry is “seeing the positive impact we can have on the families and individuals in a community. Considering what we have been through as a country, we have seen families and individuals take to the outdoors like never before. Being able to provide state of the art facilities, safe parks, and opportunities for people to come together safely is very rewarding. Additionally, knowing that the work you do can truly enrich the lives of the citizens you work for is an extremely satisfying result of the hard work we do daily.”

We are excited to have such a passionate recreation professional join our team as we continue in our mission to create world-class experiences!