Thursday, September 29, 2022

UIL Academic Team Wins District Championship

The Carroll ISD UIL Academic Team participated in the 4-6A District Meet over the weekend and had a successful outing.

Carroll was the Sweepstakes District Champion, thus earning four Lone Star Cup points.  The UIL Academic Team is coached by John P. Irish, Elizabeth Irish, Matt Colvin, Eben Olson, Aaron Cadle, Anthony Brown (Speech/Debate), Natalie Brown (Journalism), and Jamie Pringle (OAP).

Students compete in various competitions from different areas of study against local schools in their district for the opportunity to advance to the Regional UIL competitions.

District 4-6A UIL Academic Sweepstakes Standings

Southlake Carroll                             426
Keller                                                    312
Northwest Byron Nelson               298
Northwest Eaton                              184
Keller Central                                     173
Keller Timber Creek                        162
Keller Fossil Ridge                            76

District 4-6A UIL Academic Individual / Team Standings

Aiden Lee: Calculator Applications – 3rd place (Regional Qualifier)
Jeffrey Gung: Calculator Applications – 6th place

Kate Colvin: Current Issues – 4th place
Shreya Bommareddy: Current Issues – 6th place
Elizabeth Irish (coach): Current Issues – 2nd place Team

Gurarpan Dhatt: Computer Science – 2nd place (Regional Qualifier)
Yixuan Jing: Computer Science – 5th place
Aaron Cadle (coach): Computer Science – 2nd place Team

Breanna Davenport: Editorial Writing – 4th place
John Marvel: Editorial Writing – 5th place

Darya Tadlaoui: Feature Writing – 1st place (Regional Qualifier)
Lindsey Ryan: Feature Writing – 2nd place (Regional Qualifier)

Darya Tadlaoui: Headline Writing – 1st place (Regional Qualifier)

Sanjay Shori: Informative Speaking – 1st place (Regional Qualifier)
Aminah Gordon: Informative Speaking – 5th place

Cristina Capriglione: Lincoln Douglas Debate – 1st place (Regional Qualifier)
Awas Amin: Lincoln Douglas Debate – 3rd place (Regional Qualifier)

Eri Pilon: Literary Criticism – 1st place (Regional Qualifier)
Natalie Sanders: Literary Criticism – 2nd place (Regional Qualifier)
Kendall Lyman: Literary Criticism – 3rd place (Regional Qualifier)
Emily Jia: Literary Criticism – 6th place
John P. Irish (coach): Literary Criticism – 1st place Team (Regional Qualifier)

Will Grubbs: Math – 4th place
Keddy Shore: Math – 5th place
Matt Colvin (coach): Math – 2nd place Team

Leo Fu: Persuasive Speaking – 4th place
Aayush Mishra: Persuasive Speaking – 5th place

Joe Ferrera: Poetry Interpretation – 3rd place (Regional Qualifier)
Nila Dev: Poetry Interpretation – 4th place

Alexis Doellinger: Prose Interpretation – 2nd place (Regional Qualifier)

Eri Pilon: Ready Writing – 1st place (Regional Qualifier)
Darya Tadlaoui: Ready Writing – 4th place
Emily Jia: Ready Writing – 5th place

Manu Aggarwal: Science – 1st place (Regional Qualifier)
Alex Beres: Science – 2nd place (Regional Qualifier)
Justin Sasek: Science – 3rd place (Regional Qualifier)
Brett Bellevill: Science – 4th place
Aris Olson: Science – 5th place
Ian Kwon: Science – 6th place
Manu Aggarwal: Top Biology Award
Manu Aggarwal: Top Chemistry Award
Alex Beres: Top Physics Award
Eben Olson (coach): Science – 1st place Team (Regional Qualifier)

Carolyn Teng: Social Studies – 3rd place (Regional Qualifier)
Alex Beres: Social Studies – 4th place
Katie Zhang: Social Studies – 5th place
Elizabeth Irish (coach): Social Studies – 2nd place Team