Thursday, December 8, 2022

Our World Class Employees Help Make Southlake Special

Building a culture of highly-skilled and talented employees allows our organization to better serve the Southlake community.

We recruit top talent and foster an environment that creates a space for our employees to be recognized for their contributions and grow within the organization.

Recently, several employees were awarded the 2020 Director’s Awards. This award honors employees who make an impact every day in each of the City’s departments.

Check out what some of them had to say about what makes working for the City of Southlake special.

Alex Stroud  –  Crew Leader, Public Works

“Southlake as a city and an organization are at the top of its class in the “world class” category. The challenges we are tasked with are uniquely complex and of the highest difficulty, but the biggest challenges yield the highest rewards. Meeting these challenges continuously pushes the limits of all our skills and abilities to the greatest heights, and I believe this makes working for Southlake special, and what keeps us as a city and an organization better than the best.”

Dylan Welch – HR Generalist, Human Resources

“I really enjoy how receptive everyone in the City is to change. We have processes in place to actively ensure we’re not doing anything just because “we’ve always done it this way.” We always try new things to gain efficiency, enhance productivity and improve the user experience for everyone involved, whether that’s our residents, our fellow departments or our co-workers. We are constantly evolving and changing which requires constantly growing and learning to keep up with, and to me, that’s one of my favorite things about working for Southlake!”

Julia Lyon – Code Enforcement Officer, Planning and Development Services

“What makes working for Southlake so special is the strong bond between employees. We are not just colleagues, we are family; and no matter what time of day, we unite to help one another making sure our community is taken care of.”

Check out our full list of the winners of the Director’s Award.