Thursday, September 29, 2022

Southlake Police Welcome Officer Ray Sewell

The Southlake Police Department welcomed their newest rookie to the force earlier this year in February.  Officer Ray Sewell came to Texas from California in early 2019 after a 14-year career at Costco Wholesale, a job he had worked since he was in high school.

He made the decision to quit Costco and become a police officer after experiencing what felt like a “true community” after moving to Texas, and he decided it was his time to serve.

“From day one, I was not just ‘applicant #45.’  Southlake made me feel much more important than that,” Officer Sewell said.  “This department cares about each individual whether you are Chief or a recruit.”

In the time of a pandemic, Officer Sewell’s hiring process took much longer than anticipated with COVID delaying a start date by four months.  Officer Sewell started the North Texas COG Academy in August of 2020, but had three separate quarantines as fellow recruits tested positive.  Virtual instructors, learning defensive tactics and working out and running while wearing a mask, and quarantines rounded out a very unique training and learning experience.

Officer Sewell said he’s been taken aback by how much the City of Southlake supports their law enforcement officers.  He also felt he had made the right choice in Southlake when he said officers who he had just met immediately gave him their phone numbers and offered advice whenever he needed it.

“Nothing motivates you more than knowing your hard work is appreciated.  And I feel appreciated in Southlake,” Officer Sewell said.

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