Sunday, April 14, 2024

Carroll Chorale Earns Superior Ratings at UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Assessment

Congratulations to Chorale, Carroll’s 6A Varsity Mixed Choir, for earning Superior ratings at UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Assessment, bringing home the “Sweepstakes” trophy. This year was especially challenging considering students had to sing with masks and maintain physical distancing – all of which is antithetical to the choral arts. This group is also very talented having only rehearsed together once a week for a month to create choral art at such a high level.

Congratulations to these talented students:

  • Waafi Awal
  • Kayla Beaird
  • Avery Chang
  • Katherine Chon
  • Ariana Colletti
  • Breanna Davenport
  • Sophia Deng
  • Coleson Gee
  • Alexander Griffin
  • Lauren Hall
  • Lindsey Hough
  • Rylee Hunt
  • Olivia Hybarger
  • Sarah Jacob
  • Kirti Kanatala
  • Carolina Paredes
  • Nora Sammons
  • Anna Scherler
  • Adam Szkudlarek
  • Dylan Vaughn
  • Riley Ash
  • Abigail Balson
  • Ashlyn Bowman
  • Valeria Herrera
  • Tahlia Butler
  • Warner Hicks
  • Sean Kelson
  • Jackson Lambeth
  • Katherine Peterson
  • Erin Pitcher
  • Desmond Reusch
  • Raina Tewari
  • Jetta Thompson
  • Tessa Anderson
  • Debopreeta Bhattacharya
  • Steven Cunningham
  • Timothy Hayes
  • Aden Jabri
  • Evan Kopf
  • Liam Timberlake
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