Friday, September 22, 2023

A Day in the Shoes of a Champions Club Lifeguard

If you’ve gone for a dive in the pool at Champions Club, you probably saw lifeguards on the pool sidelines.

Their job is to monitor and help keep you safe by enforcing pool rules and regulations as well as provide emergency care.

Although keeping customers safe is one of the many duties of a lifeguard at Champions Club, their jobs include an array of responsibilities.

Meet Callee Lewis, she serves as the morning lead lifeguard for Champions Club.

Lewis has been working at the facility since 2019.

She keeps track of the machines in the pump room to make sure they are working properly and turns on all the water features in the pool during the morning shift. She also conducts a chemical check which includes testing the pH and chlorine levels of each body of water individually to make sure the water is safe for our members to swim.

“We do chemical checks every hour to consistently ensure that the water is in safe ranges for our members,” Lewis said.

Lewis also trains lifeguard staff and ensures that they are equipped and knowledgeable of all safety protocols.

Although is a big part of the job, the lead lifeguard also provides top-notch customer service to guests which includes answering any questions they may have regarding the pool or facility.

“What I love most about my job as a lifeguard is the relationships I have built with the staff and the members! I have made some very valuable friendships among my coworkers and have also had the pleasure of getting to know some of our regular members who come into the aquatics center,” Lewis said.







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