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Questions Regarding Residential Garbage and Trash Collection

Have a question about residential garbage and trash collections in Southlake and how early you can set out your garbage or trash containers on the curb?  See our Q&A below:

How does the City ordinance define garbage vs trash?

Garbage is defined as animal or vegetable matter or any other household waste which is damp or capable of emitting odors. Typically, these are materials or refuse found in your kitchen, bedroom, garage, and bathroom trashcans.

Trash is defined as all refuse other than garbage.  This could include brush, grass clippings, leaves, paper, and other household trash.

The reason for this distinction is to differentiate refuse that causes a health hazard, attracts pests and animals, or if the bag is torn could lead to littered streets.

How early can I place my garbage container out on the curb in front of my house?

According to the City’s ordinance, garbage should not be placed for pick up more than 12 hours prior to the day of pickup.  For instance, if your pick up days are on Monday/Thursday, the earliest you should place your garbage container out on the curb is noon Sunday for Monday’s pick up or noon Wednesday for Thursday pick up. Check with your HOA as there may be more restrictive regulations.

How early can I place trash such as brush, leaf bags, limbs, grass clippings out on the curb in front of my house?

There is no prohibition on how early you can place brush, leaves, grass clippings etc. out on the curb in front of your home as it is common for yard work to be completed during the weekend or on a scheduled day each week.   Again, check with your HOA as there may more restrictive regulations.

Normal brush and trash pickup will not take brush or trash occupying more than 2 cubic yards, whether loose or in bags. All vines and thorny bushes shall be placed in disposable containers. No item shall weigh more than 50 pounds. Brush placed out at the curb for regular collection should be secured in bundles using twine, string or other binding materials so that it can easily be collected by the trash hauler.

Republic Services offers unbundled brush collection for Southlake residents. This service is offered for up to 12 cubic yards annually at no charge, after this Republic Services will provide a quote and send you a bill for the amount in excess of the 12 cubic yards. This pickup must be scheduled with Republic Services by calling (817) 317-2424.

For more information on garbage, trash, recycling or scheduling a bulk pick up, please visit the following




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