Monday, November 28, 2022

Carroll French Students Earn High Accolades in National French Contest

Carroll Senior High School is proud to recognize an awesome group of students who achieved awards in the National French Contest, a rigorous and competitive nationwide exam. About 30,000 students nationwide participated in this year’s contest, and Carroll ISD had multiple students achieve national awards and rankings. 

The Gold award winners (95th percentile) were Annabel Yu (level 3PAP), Carolyn Teng (level AP), and Fanette Grivet-Seyve (level AP). Annabel Yu ranked 2nd nationwide for level 3, Carolyn Teng ranked 5th nationwide for level 4 and Fanette Grivet-Seyve  ranked 8th nationwide for level 4. The Silver award winners (90th or 85th percentile) were Riley Carter (level 3PAP) and Jack Hay (level 3PAP). The Bronze award winners (80th or 75th percentile) were Jeremy Lotrean (level 3PAP), Charlotte Martin (level 3PAP), Rachel Moon (level 3PAP), Harper Moxcey (level AP) and Charissa Wang (level AP). The Honorable mention winners were Nicolas Lane (level 3PAP), Eden McDowell (level 3PAP), and Richa Nag (level AP).


“I am so proud of these high achieving students, particularly given how many obstacles that have had in the last year,” said Rebecca Gould, French Teacher at CSHS. The competition is run by the American Association of Teachers of French, and all French students are eligible to participate and compete. The students prepare by doing a practice exam and had the option to do several as bonus work for additional preparation.