Monday, March 27, 2023

A Message From the Southlake Police Department Regarding a Post Card

Southlake residents may have received a postcard in the mail recently talking about a City of Southlake app. We want you to know that the City of Southlake HAS NOT approved this postcard and has not partnered with any organization to produce the app or the postcard.
While we haven’t yet confirmed the intent of those who mailed out these unauthorized postcards, the Southlake Police Department is currently investigating the matter. In the meantime, don’t download this suspicious app!
If you have already downloaded the app, delete it, and monitor your personal information to ensure it is not used fraudulently in the future. If you notice any suspicious activity involving your personal information, contact the Southlake Police Department.
Phot of Post Card under investigation Photo of Post Card under investigation
Image of a dumpster for the trash and recycling survey
Image of the Fit City Challenge Logo with a woman running