Friday, September 22, 2023

Carroll ISD Awards Officer Smith SRO of the Year

This past week, the Carroll Independent School District introduced the first annual Sergeant John Stokes SRO of the Year Award.  This award will be given annually in memory of Sgt. John Stokes, who passed away in the Fall of 2020.

It is meant to honor members of the Carroll ISD and City of Southlake School Resource Officer Program for their crucial role within Carroll ISD.  This year, the district honored Walnut Grove Elementary SRO Kim Smith as the recipient of the SRO of the Year Award.

Nominations for the award came from a variety of teachers, school staff, and even residents.

“Officer Smith is one of a kind.  She goes above and beyond to ensure that students, staff and families are safe and cared for.  Officer Kim epitomizes what it means to create meaningful relationships with all those in which she comes into contact.  Because of her, the students feel heard, loved, and valued.  She has a level of enthusiasm that lifts everyone’s spirit, and goes above and beyond in her role as an SRO,” CISD said.

In addition to her normal duties, Officer Smith created postcards for every classroom so students can write her and ask her questions, and she responds back to every single one.  She works tirelessly to educate students on how to be safe Dragons as they go through elementary school, and is teaching them the core values of CISD and how to be an upstanding individual.

The Southlake Police Department asks you join them in congratulating Officer Kim Smith on her award.

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