Sunday, April 21, 2024

City of Southlake Celebrates Public Works Week 2021

It’s Public Works Week! The American Public Works Association has announced Stronger Together as this year’s theme.

The theme is based on the joint efforts of how citizens and public works professionals can work together and impact their community while accomplishing goals.

The City of Southlake Public Works Department is comprised of seven divisions: Environmental Services, Streets and Drainage, Wastewater, Water, Transportation, Facilities and Administrative and Engineering.

All week, we’ll share some helpful tips and resources on how you can work together with our Public Works team to better Southlake.

“We want to improve the quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors, by working collectively with the community we serve. Together, we can continue to make Southlake a better place for future generations,” Director of Public Works Rob Cohen said.

“Our Public Works team under Director Cohen’s quality leadership is essential to providing vital everyday services like water, wastewater and streets to our community. Their efforts are fundamental and critical to not only City operations, but daily life. Their dedication and professionalism is something I’m proud to see as they serve this world class community,” Assistant City Manager Alison Ortowski said.

To get in on the celebration, make sure you’re following us on Facebook or Twitter and visit our website for more information about the Public Works Department.

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