Thursday, September 29, 2022

N. White Chapel Construction Defined

The Southlake Mobility Team wants you to stay in-the-know with road construction on N. White Chapel Boulevard.

As construction moves forward, it’s important to be familiar with the terminology used to describe the process.

Below is a list of common terms utilized to describe road construction on N. White Chapel.

  • Inlet Protection – A structure that directs stormwater into underground drainage systems.
  • Retaining Wall – A wall designed to support soil laterally on both sides.
  • Road Grading – Grading takes place when a road or driving surface needs to be restored. Contractors utilize a grading tool to remove potholes and other road irregularities.
  • Milling Subgrade – Layer of native soil such as rock or earth in which the road will be laid.
  • Subbase – Layer of gravel on top of the subgrade.
  • Excavation – A hole or cavity dug underground.

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