Sunday, March 3, 2024

Dr. Ledbetter Launches Ask the Superintendent Communication Initiative

Improving Transparency and Open lines of Communication is Essential to CISD

With the start of 2021-22 school year, Dr. Lane Ledbetter has shared the importance of listening and opening the lines of communication. Since July 1, Ledbetter has initiated two key initiatives with the first of improving the open records process and this new initiative, Ask the Superintendent.

Featuring an immediate line of communication to the Superintendent with Ask the Superintendent feature on the Carroll ISD website, any student, parent or community member can directly ask Dr. Ledbetter any question they may have related to CISD. His commitment is to provide an answer within 24 hours of receiving the question during operational business days. To go directly to Ask the Superintendent, click here.

“Ask the Superintendent is just that – giving anyone immediate access to ask me any question that is top of mind,” Ledbetter said. “The Ask the Superintendent does feature an option for anyone to share any information anonymously, as well. While this is a small initiative in our overall communication plans, our goal is to improve access, response time, as well as being a good neighbor to our community.”

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