Friday, April 12, 2024

Officer Wormley joins Southlake Police as New SRO at Durham

Officer Adrian Wormley started the school year just like many of the kids he now protects—it was also his first day of school at a new place with new people.

This is his first year as an SRO for Durham Intermediate and his first year with the Southlake Police Department.  He previously worked at the John Peter Smith Hospital Police Department and worked twenty-one years at the Euless Police Department.  Ten of those years with Euless were as an school resource officer.

“I love being a police officer because it gives me a chance to be a role model or a mentor for younger kids,” he said.  “I want all of the kids to know how excited I am to be here and I want them to feel safe at school.”

His favorite moment so far with Southlake was at his orientation where he saw the City’s hospitality up front and center.  Everyone greeted him with smiles and had a Starbucks coffee ready for him, just the way he likes it.  City leaders answered all of his questions which made him feel comfortable and welcome.

Please introduce yourself to Officer Wormley the next time you see him, and let him know how happy we are that he’s here, protecting the greatest city in the world.

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