Friday, February 23, 2024

Meet World Class Employee Julia Lyon

Code enforcement plays a vital role in the Southlake community. It ensures that our city remains beautiful and safe for everyone.

Meet Julia Lyon, she serves as a code enforcement officer for the City of Southlake where she helps residents and businesses comply with code requirements through education and communication. Lyon started her career at the City of Southlake in 2018.

“I never know what kind of task I am going to be presented with, and that’s what makes my position exciting,” Lyon stated.

A typical day consists of returning calls, replying to emails and going through her daily inspections.

“Once my cases are created, I hit the road to start my inspections,” said Lyon.

During inspections, Lyon gets the opportunity to meet with the citizens of Southlake to address any and all concerns.

She also uses these interactions as teaching moments to not only educate the community on City’s ordinances but to discuss the purpose of code enforcement.

“What I enjoy most about my job is the endless opportunities to build strong relationships with the community whether it’s residential or commercial,” Lyon said.  “I am blessed to have met some really incredible people along the way and to be in a position to help others daily.”

When asked what makes Southlake a world class organization to work for, Lyon had a lot to say.

“Without a doubt, the people who work for the City and the citizens themselves make this a wonderful career,” she said. “The fellow employees that I work alongside on a daily basis are not only driven but friendly, and I feel like they are my second family. These are people I know I can depend on for anything at any time.”

Her world class customer service earned her the Director’s Award for Employee Appreciation Week.





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