Saturday, March 2, 2024

How You Can Be Prepared for Emergencies

The City of Southlake is prepared for emergency situations and ready to respond should disaster strike. How can you help? Make sure your family is ready with an emergency kit, a household plan and by staying informed.

Every home should have an emergency kit that includes enough food, water and supplies to last your entire household for 3-7 days. Your kit should also include a flashlight, first aid items, cell phone chargers and prescription medications. You can buy premade kits, however, it is beneficial to create a kit that is personal to your family’s likes and dislikes. Many families have pets. The emergency kit should also take into consideration those needs as many shelters may require your pets to be secured in a kennel or with a leash. It is important to keep your entire emergency kit inside an easy-to-carry container such as a plastic bin or a duffel bag. This allows for quick transport in the event you need to evacuate your home.

Planning for emergencies is also crucial. Each household should have a plan to evacuate their home and to shelter in place. Since disasters are not normally planned, have a meet-up place designated since many times emergencies happen when family members are away from the home, such as at school or work. Also is it recommended that you identify a contact from out-of-state, that each member can check-in with. That way if local communication is down, it is possible that a text may reach someone outside of the affected area. Don’t forget to consider your family’s specific needs like pets as well as how you will communicate and reconnect if separated. Having family photos and pet photos readily available can assist with reunification.

Stay in the know. The City of Southlake Office of Emergency Management recommends all Southlake residents and businesses sign up for Alert Southlake, our free emergency notification system. This tool ensures you receive pertinent emergency notifications based on your preferences of phone call, text message or email so that you and your family can respond quickly.

With your help, we can make sure Southlake is prepared for emergency situations. Learn more about how you can prepare your family for emergencies at Sign up for Alert Southlake at

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