Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Liberty Garden – A Memorial to 9/11

Did you know we have a 9/11 memorial right here in Southlake?

“It’s a beautiful, natural setting that provides a quiet place to reflect,” said Wendi Carlucci, one of the ambassadors that worked to create this space along with Liz Durham.

Together they took on this important, meaningful project as part of Keep Southlake Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful, which asked cities to create spaces in memory of the tragic event.

Liberty Gardens ended up being one of the larger projects with the help of donations of time and materials from contractors and community members through sponsorship. The garden includes a metal archway with the symbolic eagle flying at the top, a gazebo and fountain.

There are several sections to the garden with a gentle stream, native and adaptive plants, several plaques in memory of September 11, 2001 and bronze statues.

The park is located at the N. White Chapel entrance of Bicentennial Park. Over time the space has been used for wedding and other small intimate gatherings.

A poem is inscribed on one of the plaques in the garden, written by Eubanks Intermediate School student Dala Thomas.




Liberty is the love
That brings us together
Liberty is the bravery
That inspires those who have yet
To inspire themselves
Liberty is the feeling of loyalty
And honesty
For anyone who feels untrusted
Freedom is like God
Lifting every burden off anyone
Who feels pain
Liberty is the sound of hearts,
Spreading their kindness and forgiveness
To those who can’t forgive themselves
Liberty of the justice and fairness
For those who don’t believe there is a
Better place
Liberty is the grace
Given to those who need it most.


Join us tomorrow, September 11 for a remembrance ceremony for all those lost on September 11, 2001. Learn more about the memorial event.

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