Friday, February 23, 2024

Southlake City Council Approves Amendments to the Mobility Master Plan

Amendments to the City of Southlake’s Mobility Master Plan were approved at the December 7 City Council meeting.

This comes shortly after the City sought public feedback in October for the sidewalk priority list.

The purpose of these approved amendments is to prioritize specific sidewalk segments, modify the pathways map and modify, amend or add roadway projects.

These amendments are ranked and divided into three different categories known as tiers based on priority, timeframe to implement and other factors such as proximity to schools and shopping, safety, need for right of way acquisition and level of engineering such as drainage issues.

Tier one ranges from one to three years, tier two ranges from four to seven years and tier three is eight years and beyond. All projects are subject to budget approval by City Council. However, the project may not be executed the same year the funds are approved.

The amendments in the Mobility Master Plan will serve as a part of the Comprehensive Plan which is the blueprint for funding and execution of Capital Improvement Projects.

All projects are subject to available funding during the given budget year and will be placed on the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) accordingly.

For more information on how the City of Southlake addresses mobility in the community, visit and follow the Southlake Mobility Facebook page.





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