Sunday, March 3, 2024

Oscar Rodriguez Wins the Kristin Pitzinger External Customer Service Award

Everyone in the Community Services Department strives for world-class customer service and nobody does it better than Recreation Specialist Oscar Rodriguez!

Oscar Rodriguez is the servant-leader behind our premier Adaptive Recreation program. A full-time teacher during the day, Oscar leads all Club Metro evening activities and ensures participants have the time of their lives. His devotion to his fellow staff members and Club Metro participants comes through every day through his kindness, mentorship, and passion for Adaptive Recreation.

Club Metro is one of our most popular programs, and Oscar’s involvement is a major factor behind its success.

“When we all think about Oscar, we realize how many families in our community love him. He’s been the face of our Adaptive Recreation program for many years. We wouldn’t be the same without him. He’s an enthusiastic, inspiring leader to our team, and he leads with passion and excellence in everything that he does,” stated Director Chris Tribble.

“Oscar is the heart and soul of our Adaptive Recreation program. His passion for recreation enriches the lives of many kids in our community. The people who come to his programs adore him and think the world of him. Oscar is invaluable, passionate, and devoted. I hope that Oscar continues to find great satisfaction in the work he does, not only in the City but as a teacher. Our programs wouldn’t be the same without him.”

Congratulations, Oscar! Thank you for teaching us what world-class customer service really is!

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