Sunday, March 3, 2024

We Rise Up for Parks and Rec: Meet the Hospitality and Sales Division

From making your dream celebration a reality to providing a private space for our 55 and better community, the Hospitality and Sales Division strive to create life-long memories.

Parks and Recreation can encompass a myriad of services. The Hospitality and Sales Division sets us apart from other Recreation organizations thanks to their commitment to excellence. This critical Division oversees Legends Hall at The Marq Southlake, creating world-class experiences for everyone on this side of The Marq. This team of dedicated Recreation professionals spends their days booking and planning all sorts of events at Legends Hall. The Hospitality and Sales team executes incredible events and programming, from large-scale weddings, corporate gatherings, Board and Commission meetings to birthday parties, outdoor concerts, and running the Senior Activity Center.

This team consists of dedicated professionals who make your important milestones memorable. Here’s a look at the services they provide our community.

Private Events
Weddings and large-scale events account for approximately 29% of the gross revenue for Legends Hall since it opened in 2015. Legends Hall has made its Marq as a premier DFW wedding destination and as an award-winning facility. Our wide range of event packages and knowledgeable staff make Legends Hall the ideal place to say, “I Do.”

Other events this Division hosts include social events like birthday parties, baby showers, graduation, and holiday parties. Corporate events and smaller-scale events are also commonplace at Legends Hall. The Hospitality and Sales Division collaborates with community partners like APEX Arts League and Arts Council Northeast to bring cultural performances to our community at the Aria Amphitheater.

Senior Activity Center
The Senior Activity Center is a critical component of the services provided by this team to our community. The Senior Services team lovingly works to ensure our senior citizens access quality programs, exciting field trips, community meals, and their designated space. It’s no secret that the Senior Center holds a special place in our hearts!

Celebrating life’s most memorable events is what the Hospitality and Sales Division does best! This team of incredible Recreation professionals creates life-long memories for our residents and guests every day, and we are so thankful for them this Park and Recreation Month!

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