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The Weekly Adventures of the Southlake Police Department (August 12th-August 19th, 2022)

Here are some of the many calls and incidents we responded to for the week of August 12th through August 19th, 2022:

–Officers provided perimeter security and blocked off roads for firefighters and EMS during the fire off of T.W. King well into the night.

–A Corporal stopped a white Chevrolet pickup truck with a fictitious temp tag off near Town Square.  The driver was a known gang member and was arrested for a Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Unlawfully Carry a Weapon with Felony Convictions.  The pistol was also found to be stolen out of Dallas.

–A vehicle ran a red light westbound on Southlake Boulevard at White Chapel and collided with another vehicle.  A child passenger was transported with a minor head injury and collar bone injury.

–Officers located a suspect from Roanoke who had pulled a gun on a victim.  We did a felony traffic stop around Davis and Highway 114 and Roanoke arrested the driver, who had the gun in his front waist band.

–We located a stolen vehicle out of Dallas in Town Square.

–A victim was shopping at Trader Joe’s and Kroger and had her wallet in her purse in her shopping cart.  An unknown person stole the wallet and she received notifications that large purchase amounts had been tried at CVS.  The manager of CVS knew something was fishy, so he saved all video footage of the suspect, which detectives are going through now.

–We had a theft at Ulta and received great identification from management.  Officers located the suspect fleeing westbound on Southlake Boulevard and pulled her over at a 7-11.  She confessed to the theft and we recovered all property.  During an inventory search of her car, we located a large amount of other retail merchandise we suspect of also being stolen.  We seized the property, arrested the suspect, and are working on tracking down the owners.

–No syrup thefts this week.

–Multiple, multiple DWI offenses.  Please stop drinking and driving.


JUGGING OFFENSE!  Our victim withdrew over $16,000 from the Chase Bank on Village Center and went to eat at the Cava restaurant at 2175 East Southlake Boulevard.  The victim left the money inside their center console of the locked truck.  Shortly after, the victim received an alarm notification on their phone from their truck security.

A green Rav 4 with a covered license plate fled the scene, driven by a black male, wearing an orange hat and black hoodie.  Witnesses had seen him break into the truck and officers saw the vehicle driving eastbound on Highway 114, but the suspect fled.  We are working with witnesses and analyzing traffic cameras for further info.  If you have any more information about this, please reach out to us.

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