Sunday, April 14, 2024

City of Southlake Revisits Time Capsule for 66th Birthday

It’s Southlake’s birthday!

The City of Southlake was officially incorporated as a City on September 22, 1956, which makes it 66 years young this year. Like most birthdays, it is always fun and memorable to do a little self-reflection and revisit one of our most commemorative birthday celebrations.

In 2006, the City of Southlake turned 50. To celebrate the milestone, a 50th Anniversary Committee was formed to plan an all-year-long celebration.

The committee’s first initiative was to prepare a time capsule that represents the City’s past and what life in Southlake was like in 2006.

Lou Ann Heath, a former City of Southlake employee and past president of the Southlake Historical Society, participated as a committee member during the celebration.

“The committee was established about a year before the actual September 2006 celebration date,” said Heath.

Planning for the capsule began months earlier, starting in January of the same year.

“Several groups were invited to participate – community organizations, churches, city boards and commissions, and service groups,” Heath said.

Guidelines were set in place for the types of items that could be preserved in the time capsule. Over 26 precious artifacts were included, from a 2005 update of the Trail System Master Plan to documents and photos from Lonesome Dove Baptist Church, and a Government Proclamation of the 50th Anniversary.

The City Council dedicated the time capsule in Rustin Family Park near the fountain on January 2, 2007.

“It is a point in our history to be recognized and to see how our City has developed,” said former Council Member Carolyn Morris. (Mayor Andy Wambsganss and the Southlake City Council, 2007)

“The Southlake Historical Society, during this time, was so excited to see the entire community, young and old, engage in celebrating the City’s 50th Anniversary, Heath said. “The volunteers of this group dedicated their time to preserving its history and have done an excellent job in doing so.”

City Manager Shana Yelverton reflected, “Preserving items to mark the 50th Anniversary of the City was special and fun. We hope future residents enjoy this historical time capsule.”

She noted that the capsule and other work spearheaded by the Historical Society is important work to sustain Southlake stories for future generations.

Heath also reflected on how much the City has grown over time. “What has impressed me most since 2006 is the incredible success of the Town Square project,” she continued, “This was the result of very careful and deliberate planning by the City Manager and the senior leaders of the City team, plus the foresight of the City Council at the time to embrace the plan of what the City could be. There was so much thought and time put into laying the groundwork and providing the framework for what you see today. I love saying I am from Southlake,” Heath said.

Since 2006, Southlake has become home to over 30,000 residents and 2,600 businesses, and we continue to grow.

The capsule is set to be opened in the year 2056.

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