Saturday, December 2, 2023

Get Involved – Carillon Parc Public Spaces Steering Committee

The Southlake City Council is now accepting applications for community members interested in applying for the Carillon Parc Public Spaces Steering Committee.

Committee Background
At the start of 2022, the Southlake City Council charged the Library Task Force with researching and strategizing options for a new Library. After many meetings and reports from the Task Force, City Council directed staff to move forward with exploring the Carillon Parc development as the future home for the Southlake Public Library and a space for the performing arts.

The Carillon Parc Public Spaces Steering Committee will assist the Council as they consider placing the space at Carillon. Comprised of Council Members, Board and Commission members, and Southlake residents, the Steering Committee, will advise on project funding and financial plans, conceptual plans, and other matters as requested by City Council.

Next Steps
The Council will make committee appointments at their September 6, 2022 meeting for Board and Commission members and their October 4, 2022 meeting for community members. The committee’s work will begin this fall and continue into 2023.

The application to be considered for the Carillon Parc Public Spaces Committee will run from September 1 until September 18. For additional information about the Carillon Parc Spaces Steering Committee or apply directly.