Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Weekly Adventures of the Southlake Police Department (August 25th-September 2nd, 2022)

Here are some of the many calls and incidents we responded to for the week of August 25th through September 2nd, 2022:

–Suspect was arrested at the Hilton after arguing with staff and refusing to leave.

–At 1:00am, officers arrested and criminally trespassed a suspect who has been causing problems at the Hilton (unrelated to above).

–Officers made an arrest at Trader Joe’s after a suspect grabbed a woman’s buttocks without consent.

–Officers worked the “Saturation Saturday” DWI initiative and pulled over 100 vehicles.

–There was a theft of a catalytic converter from the Commerce/Market Loop area.

–Also shock us, shock us, another theft of pool equipment (couldn’t match serial numbers from recent arrest we posted about)

–Multiple officers attended the assessments for the promotion board, as Corporal and Sergeant spots have opened up

–Officers worked a credible online solicitation of a minor case.  Check your kids’ cell phones consistently!

–Social media identified our Sephora theft BOLO within 3-4 hours and detectives were able to clear the case.

–As always, multiple, multiple DWI arrests.  Please don’t drink and drive this Labor Day weekend.

We already posted about Officer Sewell and the overnight traffic stop that recovered five pool cleaners.  A second great job to him, as his story was featured on 3 news programs, helpfully hoping to remind pool owners (and everyone) to lock their gates, have cameras on, and store their pool cleaners in a locked place.

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