Friday, February 23, 2024

The Weekly Adventures of the Southlake Police Department (September 2nd-September 8th, 2022)

Here are some of the many calls and incidents we responded to for the week of September 2nd through September 8th, 2022:

–Officers responded to a terroristic threat at Costco, in which an irate person made threats to the business.  We traced the call to a possible suspect and completed an information report.

–An unknown person Airdropped inappropriate photos to a victim at Champion’s Club.  Please change your iPhone settings to not allow randos to Airdrop you stuff.

–Officers were on a business check at the Cambria Hotel and saw a black Toyota zip out of the parking lot when they saw us.  We did a traffic stop on them and confirmed warrants and arrested them for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

–We responded to a loose livestock call on the service road of Highway 114 around North White Chapel.

–A juvenile was popping wheelies on northbound Randol Mill and lost control.  They were transported to the hospital with major road rash.

–Suspects stole $13,000 worth of sunglasses at the Sunglass Hut.  The suspects were two males and two females and described as “heavyset.”  We are waiting for video.

–Juveniles got into a fight at Champions Club.  Officers arrived and issued citations for Disorderly Contact and contacted parents.

–An officer stopped a box truck that didn’t have a license plate.  The drivers gave us consent to search it and our K-9 Duco showed up to assist.  Duco gave a positive alert and the driver was arrested for several traffic violations.  The truck was towed to HQ for a further search.


On September 8th, at around 2:59am, officers were conducting a business check behind Pharmacy Plus at around 700 East Southlake Boulevard.  They saw a dark colored car with its headlights blacked out back into a parking spot near the pharmacy.  The back wheels popped the curb, stayed there for a second, and then drove away (presumably having seen our officers).

Officers saw the car turn on its headlights and that the vehicle didn’t have a rear license plate.  They could see the driver moving around in the car, seemingly moving stuff around in the back seat.  Officers pulled him over and smelled pot as they walked up to the car.

The driver, Jamal Cooksey, was super nervous and stumbled over basic answers.  We confirmed on warrants out of Plano and then found drug paraphernalia in the car.  More importantly, we found a sledgehammer, pry bar, black hoodie, black head covering, a head lamp, and a black duffel bag.  If you were playing the $100,000 Pyramid, these would be “Things Commonly Used to Commit Burglaries.”

Kudos to our officers for being aware and ready for suspicious activity.  There’s a very good chance they prevented a burglary that night, and they took a bad guy off the streets.

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