Sunday, March 3, 2024

Championing Our Members: The Lloyd Family

Champions Club is here to help all our members reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

Whether you are looking for a group fitness community, training for a marathon, or want to find new and fun ways to incorporate fitness into your wellness routine, we’re here for you!

There’s nothing we love hearing about more than our members’ successes. This month’s super members, the Lloyd family, embody dedication and discipline. Champions Club staff is thrilled that our facility played a small role in helping them meet their fitness goals.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Last year, my daughter and I used the pool, sauna, and indoor track to prepare for the Honolulu Marathon. This year, it was mostly just the pool. Celia, age 12 at the time (now 13), and I swam the 2+ mile Open Ocean Swim in the Beach to Beach power swim on the island of St. John. Momma and our youngest daughter, Sarah (9), did the 1-mile swim. We all trained at the Marq, and it got us across the finish line!

Sarah recently ran the Hot Hatch Chili 5k in Southlake and won first in her age division. Guess where we trained: The Marq!”

Congratulations to the Lloyd Family for their multiple athletic triumphs! We are honored to be your fitness and training home.

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