Friday, April 12, 2024

City Council Appoints Carillon Parc Public Spaces Steering Committee members and Board and Commission Members at the October 4 City Council Meeting

City Council recently finalized the names of the community members who will serve on the Carillon Parc Public Spaces Steering Committee and the Alliance for Community Engagement (ACE) Committee at the October 4, 2022, City Council meeting.

The Southlake City Council created the Carillon Parc Public Spaces Steering Committee to provide an efficient process for Council to obtain feedback from Boards and Commissions and community members regarding the public spaces in the Carillon Parc development. The Steering Committee will advise Council and boards on project funding and financial plans, conceptual plans, and other matters as requested by Council. Public spaces at Carillon Parc may include the Library, a space for performing arts, a public park, and public art.

The committee is comprised of Council Members, Board and Commission members, and Southlake residents.

Appointees include:

Carillon Parc Steering Committee

Martin Schelling, Community Enhancement Development Corporation

William Doby, Library Board

Magdalena Battles, Parks & Recreation Board

Austin Reynolds, Planning & Zoning Commission

Tamara McMillan, Southlake Arts Council

Amy Torres-Lepp, Southlake Parks Development Corporation

Frances Bankester, Community Member

Amber Butcher, Community Member

Kathryn Del Calvo, Community Member

Samad Rizvi, Community Member

Helen Wong, Community Member

The Alliance for Community Engagement (ACE) Committee is a newly created alliance that will foster communication and engagement between the City of Southlake and the community. The committee will bring awareness of events and programs, address communication barriers, support neighborhood engagement, and more.

Members are as follows:

Alliance for Community Engagement (ACE)

Danny Batsalkin, Place 1

Scott Cox, Place 2

Mark Flores, Place 3

Tracy Harrow, Place 4

Muhammad Igbal, Place 5

Kristine Kemp, Chair, Place 6

Mike Kaucher, Place 7

Renee Thomas, Vice Chair, Place 8

Douglas Lies, Place 9

Deann Swinton, Place 10

Elisa O’ Callaghan, Place 11

Sanjay Veerabathina, Place 12

Please visit the City’s website for more information about our boards and commissions.

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