Sunday, April 21, 2024

Mayor John Huffman Talks Technology with the Founders of Dragons Helping Seniors

It’s all about customer service on this week’s Minute with the Mayor. Mayor John Huffman met with the founders of Dragons Helping Seniors, Sam Karidis-Schneider, Payton McKillips, and Max Keating about their amazing community service group and their efforts to help seniors navigate in a tech savvy world.

“Dragons Helping Seniors is an organization where we go and pair up with the seniors and help them on a one-on-one basis so that we can actually teach them and help them adapt in the new changing technological world,” said Karidis-Schneider.

Seniors can come to White’s Chapel Church every Wednesday and receive help with their phones, iPads, androids, laptops and other devices.

The electronics list may be long, but this group seems to have a good handle on it.

“Any technology you can imagine, we’ve probably helped them with, and it’s really just been a great experience for all of us involved,” McKillips said.

Not only do the students get to connect with seniors by helping them with their electronics, they also learn more about their clients.

“I think one of my coolest things is just being able to hear their life stories while I’m helping them with their technology and just hear about everything they’ve accomplished in their life,” Keating explained.

Mayor John Huffman could not agree more.

“You’re helping them, and they are helping you. It really seems like an amazing opportunity for everyone,” said Mayor Huffman.

For more information about Dragons Helping Seniors follow them on Facebook or Instagram. You can also contact them via email at

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