Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Councilmember Randy Robbins visits the DFW Adventure Park with the Southlake Carroll Target Team

3…2…1…PULL! This week, Mayor John Huffman tosses to Councilmember Randy Robbins as he visits the DFW Adventure Park with Kyle Mohon, the Head Coach for the Southlake Carroll Target Team. This award-winning group of students continues to prove their success is locked and loaded as they enter the new year with a bang.

The Southlake Carroll Target Team is a parent-run organization that strives to allow students to practice and hone their skills in trap, skeet, and other types of clay shooting in a safe and protected environment. They practice weekly at the DFW Adventure Park in Northlake, Texas.

Among all of these practice sessions, the team has also found great success with their entries in competitions. “We’re a competitive shotgun team,” said Mohon. “We were lucky enough — and I won’t say lucky — the kids were good enough that we were the state champions and we were runner-up in the national championship.”

Councilmember Robbins also participated in the fun after learning about one of their traditions on the team. “So all these sports have, you know, some interesting traditions and stuff. What would you say is one of the most interesting traditions you guys have that’s different than anybody else?” asked Councilmember Robbins.

Mohon showed some hats that had seen better days and talked about their tradition to celebrate their teammates. When members of the team shoot their first 25 or first 100 shots in a row without missing the clay, their teammates throw the marksman’s hat in the air and take aim. “It becomes the trophy that hangs on the wall after that,” said Mohon before offering for Councilmember Robbins to join in on the tradition that day.

As the evening came to a close, it was clear that the sights were set on victory for the coming season. The Southlake community is proud to support all the champions around the City. For more information about the Southlake Carroll Target Team, please visit their website.

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