Friday, February 23, 2024

The December Adventures (So Far) of the Southlake Police Department

It’s been a bit since we’ve shared our adventures, but with the holidays coming in hot, the thieves are out in full force.  Here is a sampling of some of the calls and arrests we’ve made through the first part of December!

–Officers were dispatched to a Burglary in Progress call in which an unknown man was on the caller’s property, sitting in the caller’s car.  Officers arrived and detained the man, who they found had dementia and was confused.  A loved one arrived to assist and took him to the hospital for unrelated medical issues.

–A female stole a pair of shoes and several pairs of socks from Nordstrom Rack and got into a car to escape.  Officers stopped them at 1500 Main Street, where they recovered the property and arrested both the thief and the driver for multiple drug charges, fraudulent use of identifying info, and theft.  The driver had four pending charges of felony theft, fail to ID as a fugitive, and multiple drug charges.  The duo was also in possession of multiple credit cards not in their name.

–We responded to an Indecent Assault at Market by Macy’s in which a customer exposed himself and inappropriately touched an employee.  The suspect fled after that, but had made a purchase with his Macy’s Star Rewards Membership card, so he was identified and charges are pending.

–Officers conducted a traffic stop on Highway 114 and suspected DWI.  They made an arrest for DWI/Open Container and also seized drugs.  The driver was also charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance PG 2 4g<400g.

–Two thieves hopped a fence and went into an open garage where a car was left unlocked with a Louis Vuitton purse on the seat.  The bad guys stole it, hopped the fence, and fled.  The victim gave us video footage and we have possible fingerprints.

–Officers responded to a vacant house, where the owner had seen a car parked outside.  He went inside and found the master bedroom door locked.  After we set a perimeter, the suspect came outside and we found they had previously changed the back door locks to get inside and use the facilities and house.  The suspect was arrested for Criminal Trespass and Criminal Mischief.

–Multiple catalytic converters stolen from neighborhoods and businesses.


While conducting a business check on Holiday Initiative, an Officer observed a gray Dodge Charger backed into the handicap spot in front of Banana Republic unoccupied, running, and without a handicap placard.  While checked out on the vehicle, two subjects exited Victoria’s Secret and stated that it was their vehicle.  The manager from Victoria’s Secret stated she believed both subjects were in the process of stealing two full bags of merchandise but left the product on the floor when observing our Officer at their vehicle. The manager requested a criminal trespass warning for both females. The owner of the vehicle was also cited for two parking violation and both subjects received criminal trespass warnings. Both suspects had prior arrests for theft.

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