Friday, February 23, 2024

City of Southlake Reveals Capital Improvement Projects for 2023

There’s no doubt that Southlake is rapidly growing! According to the City’s Department of Economic Development, over 2,400 residents have relocated to Southlake within the last five years. That is an
8.4% growth increase.

In efforts to support the City’s growing economy, the City of Southlake will be undertaking several Capital Improvement Projects to improve safety, infrastructure, and mobility needs.

These projects will include lane and culvert upgrades, underground storm line and drainage improvements, erosion protection, waterline improvements, and pedestrian and traffic safety upgrades.

These projects will also make travel easier and more efficient for thousands of Southlake residents, visitors, and businesses.

“As Southlake continues to grow and evolve, it’s important that we preserve and take care of our assets; Southlake includes capital improvement projects (CIP) that outline construction projects over five years in the City’s annual budget plan. This plan allows us to allocate funds and plan projects accordingly to accommodate Southlake’s growing economy,” said Director of Public Works Rob Cohen.

Here are some of our upcoming mobility projects:

Projects starting in January 2023

  • Dove Trail Drainage Improvement Project – The project will replace an existing culvert at Dove Creek Trail as well as San Saba and Mission Drive. These existing culvert crossings are made of corrugated metal pipe. Replacement of these culverts with reinforced concrete pipes will improve the structural integrity of these crossings. (Project located South of SH 114)
  • Highland Street – The project will replace an existing culvert crossing at W. Highland Street. Contractors will replace the culvert with a higher capacity culvert, improving drainage conveyance and significantly reducing the road’s potential to be overtopped during storm events. (Project located South of SH 114)
  • Peytonville and Raven Bend Drainage Improvement – Construction for drainage improvements are set to occur near the intersection of N. Peytonville and Raven Bend. Improvements include adding an underground system for stormwater management, a concrete-lined ditch to convey stormwater, waterline relocation and upsizing, and pedestrian improvements, including a sidewalk to close an existing gap. (Project located South of SH 114)

Projects starting in the Spring of 2023

  • FM1709 – Deceleration Lane at Byron Nelson Parkway/Southridge Lakes – This project will include the construction of right-turn deceleration lanes at Southridge Lakes Parkway and Byron Nelson Parkway. This project will improve safety, convenience, and mobility efficiency on Southlake Boulevard. (Project located South of FM 1709)
  • Big Bear Creek near Independence Parkway – This project will include erosion protection for public infrastructure adjacent to a stream bank along Timarron Creek and Big Bear Creek near Independence Parkway. (Project located South of SH 114)
  • Central Avenue Improvements – Construction of pedestrian and traffic improvements will occur at the Central Avenue and Main Street intersections. The proposed revisions will include modifications to all four corners of the intersections to enhance pedestrian access and visibility.
    (Project located in Town Square South of SH 114)

Projects starting in the Summer of 2023

  • Shady Oaks Utility Improvements – Contractors will install a 12-inch water line to improve water quality and increase system capacity within the distribution system along Shady Oaks Drive from Highland Street to West Dove Road (Project located South of SH 114)

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