Friday, February 23, 2024

The Weekly Adventures of the Southlake Police Department (January 20th-27th, 2023)

Here is a smattering of the multitude of actions performed by your Southlake police officers from January 20th, 2023 to January 27th, 2023:

–Officers were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle in the Home Depot parking lot.  They found it had been stolen and the driver was in possession of narcotics.  The driver was arrested for drugs and UUMV (Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle).

–A catalytic converter was stolen from a car in the Orange Theory parking lot early one morning.

–Officers pulled over a car on Lake Crest Drive and found the driver had warrants out of Arlington PD.  When the driver and car were searched, officers located a meth pipe and 2.1 grams of meth.  The driver was arrested for Possession PG 1.

–Officers responded to a crash near the intersection of Aberdeen Way and Byron Nelson.  An SUV had gone airborne and landed in a tree, knocking it over.  The white Porsche SUV was severely damaged and three of the four tires were off the ground.  All occupants (three juveniles) were transported to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.  A DWI Open Container was filed out of custody.  Parents were notified.

–There was an accident westbound Highway 114 where a Nissan SUV struck and 18-wheeler and rolled multiple times before coming to a rest.  Officers worked with Southlake Fire to evaluate the driver and free him from the overturned car.  After finding them to be alert, officers conducted SFSTs on them and the driver was arrested for DWI.  Witnesses stayed on scene and helped provide statements.

–Multiple vendors driving large trucks were cited for noise behind Moxie’s after idling around 5:00 am one morning.

Officer Acosta was conducting a business check behind Lowe’s at approximately 2:40 am and observed a person jump into a parked vehicle.  As he drove closer, he saw brake lights illuminate and the vehicle begin to drive away without any headlights on.  As Officer Acosta pulled in behind the vehicle, he noticed that the trunk was open.  He followed the vehicle as it exited onto the service road.  A traffic stop was initiated, and the vehicle stopped in the Costco parking lot.  Officer Acosta observed several bags of potting soil inside the vehicle through the opening of the trunk. He contacted the driver Jesus Garcia and the passenger Mary Sanchez.

Jesus was interviewed about the alleged theft and a status check on both suspects showed they had active warrants.  Both individuals were arrested on the confirmed warrants. Attempts were made to contact Lowe’s representatives in order to positively identify their product and provide an itemized receipt but were unsuccessful.  Contact was made with their Loss Prevention.  B&B Wrecker was utilized to tow the vehicle back to the East station where the potting soil was unloaded and stored in the vehicle bay for safekeeping.  Great initiative and observation Officer Acosta!

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