Sunday, April 21, 2024

Celebrate Southlake Scheduled for September 2023

Every year, the City of Southlake hosts Celebrate Southlake, an event dedicated to celebrating the history, culture, and community of Southlake, Texas. The event was created for people to come together and share their unique cultural experiences. These experiences are displayed through various forms of art including food, performances, and activities. In 2023, the event will be expanded and scheduled for September to coincide with the City’s birthday.

Celebrate Southlake is an enlightening representation of our community to both the residents of Southlake and visitors from the surrounding region. This event is one of many components that reflect the community’s culture throughout the year.

To make the event as special as possible, the City will be working with the Alliance for Community Engagement (ACE). The chair for ACE, Kristine Kemp, welcomed the enhancement of the event and stated, “ACE is excited to work with the City of Southlake in promoting community events and celebrating the many cultures represented in our community. The board will support the City of Southlake by creating awareness and excitement with local neighborhoods and groups.”

Celebrate Southlake has been held each year since 2017. The 2023 event promises to be the best yet. For the most up-to-date information on Celebrate Southlake, please follow the LINK.

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