Saturday, March 2, 2024

Quiet Strength: Jamie Cooper is Making An Impact Without a Big Fuss

Offices are busy places. Phones ring, customers drop in, employees rush to meetings, or stop to chat when making their morning coffee. Like frantic bees buzzing around the hive, workers are often lured into busyness and can sometimes lose the ability to stop, think, and focus.

But Corporate Communications Manager Jamie Cooper’s quiet and contemplative nature protects her from the busyness trap and has resulted in a steady and effective approach to achievement and an awareness that serves the City well.

“I marvel at how Jamie sees the world and keenly observes people and their environment,” said Deputy Director of Communications Pilar Schank. “She listens, watches, and then produces work that beautifully illustrates what she has taken in,” Schank added. “In the short time that she has been here, she has championed a style and polish uniquely Southlake.”

Jamie’s understated nature has an elegance to it. She doesn’t demand recognition from others, and she’s not eager to be in the limelight. She lets her work speak for itself. Beautifully designed graphics, interesting and compelling stories, strong social media strategy, and incredible organizational skills are just a few hallmarks of her great work…and she’s only just begun to make her mark.

“It’s evident how the staff and public value Jamie’s work,” said Schank. “She’s taken our brand standards and evolved them into a highly sophisticated and recognizable look, reflective of this organization’s professionalism. Everyone wants her touch on their work product.”

Jamie comes to work each day ready to produce and lead her team to make a difference by keeping people informed and engaged.

Equal parts artist and pragmatist Jamie Cooper is the kind of employee who quietly produces terrific outcomes every day. Because her work takes place behind the scenes, her remarkable skills and talents aren’t always publicly recognized, Jamie has been selected as one of the City’s very important Unsung Heroes.

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