Saturday, March 2, 2024

Southlake Receives Tree City USA Award for 26th Consecutive Year

Creating a connected system of green spaces helps us to preserve Southlake’s identity as well as provide a beautiful, safe space for our community.

The Arbor Day Foundation recognized Southlake for its dedication to the efficient management of urban forests by awarding it the title of Tree City USA for 2022.

“Urban Forests” refers to various green spaces in cities, such as parks, street trees, boulevards with landscaping, gardens, river and riverbank areas, wetlands, and nature reserves. This network of green infrastructure serves as an essential resource for the Southlake community at various scales, ranging from individual neighborhoods to the City’s entire landscape.

“Urban forests have many benefits such as purifying air and water, managing stormwater, preserving energy, and serving as a home for animals while providing shade,” said Landscape Administrator Keith Martin.

The gorgeous trees you see around Southlake contribute to the overall beauty of our City. This year marks the 26th year the City has been recognized as a Tree City. Please visit us online to learn more.

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