Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Celebrate National Children’s Craft Day!

Spring Break is here, and we know parents are looking for ways to keep their young kiddos creative, active, and engaged.

Not only is it Spring Break, but it’s also National Children’s Craft Day! National Children’s Craft Day is a component of National Craft Month that encourages young people to get creative and develop their skills. Crafting can become a useful life-long hobby as it promotes relaxation, innovation, and critical thinking skills, according to

Today is the perfect occasion to carve out a few hours to create crafts and life-long memories with your kids. Luckily, our Community Services team has spent the last few years finding and filming easy-to-recreate-at-home crafts for our young residents.

Here are a few handy-dandy crafts from our video arsenal!

Quick Cup Crafts
The best thing about children’s active imaginations is their ability to see beyond the utilitarian purpose of commonplace items. Do you have a few extra paper cups and plates around your house? Instead of using them once and discarding them immediately, save a few paper cups for these three fun crafts! Click the video below to learn how to make a custom pencil holder, a friendly Monster Cup, and a festive Snowman Cup to use as a piece of holiday decoration next winter.

Cup Screenshot

Paper Spinner
Who needs a fidget spinner when you can make your own colorful paper spinner? Follow along with the video below to learn how to make an entertaining spinner to keep your kids engaged for hours. Create a rainbow effect with different colored paper, or customize it to match your kid’s fun personality. The entire family will be delighted with this paper spinner!

Paper Spiner Screenshot

Paper Frog
Origami can take years of practice to master. This paper frog craft is a perfect entry point if your child has demonstrated an interest in learning the intricate skills of paper folding. Grab some green paper and follow along to make your hopping companion!

Frog Video Screenshot

There are so many ways to get creative with your little one today! What will you create?