Friday, February 23, 2024

Minute with the Mayor Series Celebrates 100 Episodes

Can you believe we’ve had 100 episodes? Join Mayor John Huffman as he shares some of the many series highlights of Minute with the Mayor.

For over 100 weeks, Minute with the Mayor has been released on Monday mornings to give Southlake residents and others a chance to see what’s happening in the City. From covering human interest stories to important news updates to programs and events, Mayor John Huffman has gone to almost every inch of Southlake to provide an extra level of service to the community.

“So when I got elected mayor, I wanted to make sure that I was communicating with our citizens how you guys want to be communicated with, and that takes on a variety of formats… So that’s the genesis of Minute with the Mayor because we wanted to bring you guys great stories, not only of events and news from around town, but also of amazing people and kids doing amazing things, of our champions in the classroom and on the sports fields, of our businesses who are working so hard to deliver you guys the goods and the services that you love, our restaurants and our civic organizations, and so many things about Southlake that we know and love,” said Mayor Huffman.

To date, the Minute with the Mayor series has won an award and has over 15,000 followers on its Facebook playlist. If you have an idea for a new episode, email with any information.

In case you missed an episode or two, check out our favorite episodes and human interest stories from Minute with the Mayor and MySouthlakeNews below:

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  2. Minute with the Mayor – Sky Creek Kitchen + Bar
  3. MySouthlakeNews Article – Southlake Street Name Gets A New Leash On Life
  4. Police Officer Rescues Dog from a Smoke-Filled Home
  5. Minute with the Mayor – Leadership Southlake x Loving Long Ears Donkey Rescue
  6. Minute with the Mayor – Sushi Dojo Wins Food Truck Championship
  7. Minute with the Mayor – Mayor John Huffman Visits Founders Rowing Club
  8. MySouthlakeNews Article – A Veteran Story
  9. Minute with the Mayor – Senior Center Flower Program with Trader Joe’s
  10. Minute with the Mayor – BLOOPERS of 2022


To watch the full episode of Minute with the Mayor, click here.

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