Sunday, April 21, 2024

Fit Life Massage and Wellness is Celebrating 5 Years of Success in Southlake!

A Southlake grown business, Fit Life Massage and Wellness, is celebrating 5 years of supporting recovery and wellness in September!

Unlike your typical massage focused on relaxation, Fit Life Massage and Wellness is entirely focused on recovery and rehabilitation. Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist Leah Morgan jokes “we are not the kind of massage that you fall asleep to!”

Leah received her Massage Certification license following a rigorous training program that focused on well-rounded treatment and differentiating between the various muscles in the body. First beginning as a part-time Licensed Massage Therapist and full-time dance instructor, Leah grew her business as she grew her clientele. In the early days of Fit Life Massage and Wellness, Leah worked out of a spare room in a yoga studio located in her current building. As demand for her recovery-focused technique grew amongst local athletes, Leah grew her business within the building, eventually moving into and expanding the space adjacent to the yoga studio where she started!

Fit Life Massage and Wellness has been operational in their newly renovated space since February of 2023. Leah’s team consists of 5 Licensed Massage Therapists, including herself, who all specialize in rehabilitative techniques to help their clients feel like their best selves, whether they are full-time athletes pushing their limits, or clients just in need of some pain management in their day-to-day life.

Providing support for young athletes is one of the services that makes Fit Life Massage and Wellness unique and that owner Leah Morgan prides herself on. By working with young athletes, Leah and her team are able to provide support through personalized plans and injury prevention to help athletes reach their goals in their sport. Leah and her team also provide personalized injury recovery plans, post-surgery scar tissue massages and deep tissue massage specifically for targeted pain relief and rehabilitation for adults as well.

For more information about Fit Life Massage and Wellness, their services and to book an appointment, visit

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