Friday, February 23, 2024

Creating Summer Memories with Volunteers at the Marq!

Summer break is ending, but the mark left on the Community Services Department by our volunteers will stay forever.

Our mission is to create world-class experiences, and our volunteers help reach this goal every time they come and serve our community. From the Senior Activity Center to Champions Club, our summer is busy with various camps and events. Some of the tasks performed by our volunteers include cleaning the equipment at Champions Club, helping staff prepare for Stars and Stripes, leading camps for Camp Mania, and coordinating programs for the Senior Center.

We had the chance to ask one of our volunteers about her experience at the Marq, and here is what she had to say.

“Volunteering at the senior center is a truly special time in my day. I genuinely look forward to the smiles that light up the faces of my senior friends, and the jokes I share with Andrew and Tammie. The interactions and sweet conversations with them resonate deeply in my heart. These precious short hours of serving at the center bring back beautiful memories of my late grandparents whom I miss dearly.” —Jillian Lim.

We had a great volunteer turnout this summer. Our Community Services Volunteers worked over 1,982 hours, estimated at a value of $63,000 of service. Thank you for the work you did running our Summer Camps, taking ownership of our Champions Club facility, and putting smiles on our seniors’ faces. This year we also added more volunteer opportunities with the Great American Cleanup and TAAF Region 4 Swim Meet!

Thank you to our amazing volunteers for pouring your heart and time into making a difference in our community. Your selfless service is truly changing lives and inspiring us all! Together, we created a world-class experience this summer. Even though summer is wrapping up, we have volunteer opportunities year-round!

Are you interested in volunteering with the Community Services Department as well? Visit to learn how to get started!

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