Saturday, March 2, 2024

A Striking Success for our Public Works Team

This week, Mayor John Huffman tells the story of how a concerned resident and employees alike banded together to prevent water loss for 2,300 water customers.

On a Sunday evening, a sharp-eyed citizen reported a water leak coming down the driveway of the Pearson Pump Station, and when investigated, it turned out to be much more than was at the surface.

Contractors were on sight within a few hours to begin excavating and finding the water line that was broken. After almost 20 years of erosion, the water from this critical line had burst through the pipe, creating a leak.

The next day, our Public Works crews rerouted the 16-inch main water line to other 12-inch water lines to continue giving water to the 2,300 water customers that would have been affected by the closure of the main line. This critical line services the western third of Southlake, so it was imperative to make necessary repairs and replacements as quickly as possible.

By Monday afternoon, the water systems were functioning at a normal level which came just in the nick of time! The following day, there was a large house fire that our teams were able to respond to without diminished water force and pressure.

“Pipes deteriorate, but this was a major win for everyone from the citizen who saw it, to our contractors who were able to mobilize and get on-site by Sunday night. Thank you so much to our Public Works team and all of our hardworking professionals and contractors who are willing to make this fix for Southlake and make sure that any disruption in service was very, very minimal and very, very short,” said Mayor Huffman.

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