Sunday, April 21, 2024

It’s not just the pickleball courts taking shape, so to is the new Southlake pickleball staff team.

Pickleball is all about community. It’s a sport for literally anyone, and it’s a great way to make new friends. We’re counting down the days for the new Southlake Pickleball Facility at Bicentennial Park to open, and we know you’re just as excited about it as we are.

As we move through construction, we are pleased to announce we’ve hired Eric Clay as the new Pickleball Manager and Sean Cornelius as the Pickleball Coordinator. They will officially join the Southlake team on September 5 and begin work immediately preparing to open the facility later this year.

When selecting the new team, it was important to find people who would not only fit in with our Community Services family but also had the knowledge and experience to help make the City’s world class pickleball facility a place where residents would experience world class service every time they step foot on the court. Well, we found them!

“I’m looking forward to helping share my passion for Pickleball with the Southlake family,” said Cornelius. “It’s such an amazing sport and what better place to help it grow than Southlake!”

But it wasn’t just a love of Pickleball that drew Eric and Sean to Southlake, it was also our reputation of excellence.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of an established tradition of excellence and an outstanding reputation for supporting active and healthy lifestyles within the community,” noted Clay. “I feel especially fortunate to be coming into a community that has put so much care into its recreation facilities, and that has been intentional about continuing to develop opportunities for its citizens and visitors to experience a wonderful community in Southlake.”

Want to know more about the team? Here you go.

Eric Clay has built his career around Pickleball and Tennis. He’s served both sports as a facilitator of programming and community growth for many years.

“My passions for building community have brought Pickleball into focus and supporting that growth and development are a high priority for me,” says Clay. “I love that I’m able to be a part of a team that created an environment that supports health and wellness efforts. Ultimately serving to support another’s ability to balance the challenges of the daily ‘have too’s’ with the more fun ‘get to do’s.’ It’s all so very rewarding to me personally and professionally.”

Recent UT Tyler graduate, Sean Cornelius is not a stranger to pickleball. He’s been playing for about four years and with over two years of coaching and tournament experience.

“Once I picked up a paddle, I fell in love,” says Cornelius. “I have seen a tremendous amount of change in the sport in just a few years, and I really enjoy being able to contribute to that even in the smallest of ways.”

We’re thrilled to have Eric and Sean on the team and look forward to formally introducing them to the Southlake Community once the new facility opens. You can stay up to date with all things Southlake Pickleball by visiting our website, We’ll see you on the courts!

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