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CWD Trash Transition: Sept. 18th Town Hall Aims To Answer FAQs and More

On October 1, the City’s trash and recycling services are officially moving away from Republic and will be replaced by Community Waste Disposal (CWD).

This move to CWD comes with numerous improvements to the City’s trash system, but we know any kind of change comes with its share of questions. To address these questions and help you feel confident in what is coming next, Mayor John Huffman is hosting an informational question-and-answer session called “Talking Trash (and Recycling)” on September 18 at 6:00 p.m. in Town Hall’s City Council Chambers. Representatives from CWD and the Southlake Deputy Director of Public Works will also be available to answer any questions you might have.

Not able to attend the Town Hall? Here are some frequently asked questions:

Infographic showing frequently asked questions regarding trash. Questions also answered in body of article.

Are my Collection Days Changing?

Please refer to the maps to find your bulk and recycling collection days.

Map of Recycling Schedule

Map of Trash Collection Days

Map of zones in the city where their trash and recycling days will be changing

Map of the City indicating Trash and Recycling days

Map of zones in the city where their trash and recycling days will be changing

  • Will We Get New Recycling Carts?
    Yes, CWD will provide recycling carts to residents around the last week of September. The CWD recycling carts are of equal size to the Republic carts (95 gallons). However, there is a 65-gallon version if desired.
  • What about Normal and Bulk Trash Carts?
    Trash and bulk collection carts will remain the same, with customers using their own containers.
  • When Will the Carts Be Swapped?
    The week of September 25th, Republic Services will empty and remove your existing recycle cart on your designated day. CWD will deliver your new cart the same week on your NEW recycling day.
  • What do I do if Republic Doesn’t Pick Up My Old Cart?
    Please leave the cart on your curb to be removed. If it is not removed by September 30th, please contact CWD at 972.392.9300 (option 2).
  • How Do I Get a Second Recycling Cart?
    Contact the Southlake Utility Billing Department at (817) 748-8051 by September 18th to receive an additional recycling cart the week of September 25th.
  • What if I Already Pay for a Second Recycling Cart?
    If you currently have and pay for an additional recycling cart, CWD will deliver these the week of September 25th. Please note that the recycling carts might be delivered on different days.
    If you would like to check if you are on the list for an additional recycling cart, please contact the Southlake Utility Billing Department at – (817) 748-8051
  • Does CWD Do Bulk Pickup?
    Bulky trash is collected on your regular trash pickup days. Customers are limited to two cubic yards of bulky waste per collection, and single items are not to exceed 150 pounds.
  • Will they dispose of Hazardous Waste? What about the Crud Cruiser?
    CWD’s curbside Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) pick-up will replace the Crud Cruiser. However, residents will still be able to drop off their HHW at the Fort Worth Environmental Collection Center if needed!
  • What About Christmas Trees?
    Christmas Tree recycling drop-off will be available at Bicentennial Park. Curbside collection for landfill disposal will also be available.
  • Who Do I Contact if I Have Issues?
    If you have issues once services with CWD start, please contact CWD directly:
    392.9300 (option 2)
    Or via the CWD mobile app – available for both Apple and Android
  • When Do CWD’s Services Start?
    The new contract with CWD officially starts October 1, 2023.

For additional information, please see our article on Council’s approval, CWD’s website, or attend the session on September 18 in Town Hall at 6:00 p.m.


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