Sunday, December 3, 2023

Pilar Schank Promoted to Director of Communications

Pilar Schank, who has brought invaluable experience in creating efficient, effective, and engaging communication to the City since her start in 2006, will officially take the reins as Southlake’s Director of Communications effective on October 1st. 

Pilar has always had a passion for telling the world’s stories. With a degree in journalism, she started her professional journey with KLAS-TV – the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, Nevada – and has grown to become a seasoned expert in communications ever since. Schank has built an impressive resume since the start of her career in 1994, boasting experience with four media outlets and working as the Media Relations Coordinator for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

But her true calling was fulfilled when she arrived in Southlake in 2006, when she began working tirelessly to improve and ensure that strong corporate communication became the standard for the City.

“Pilar has terrific insight and wisdom,” City Manager Shana Yelverton said. “Her experience with broadcast news taught her how to create stories and work effectively with the media. This, and her ability to adapt to change, including new technologies, makes her ideal for the role of Director of Communications.”

Since coming to Southlake initially as a Community Relations Officer, Schank’s duties and responsibilities have continually evolved.

“It’s been so satisfying to watch Pilar’s career progress. She’s grown, becoming more and more proficient with each passing year,” Yelverton said. “The responsibilities of our communications team are enormous, and she has demonstrated her strong ability to lead her team and work with city staff. She has a positive attitude and a very strong work ethic. It’s an honor to work with her.”

In her new role, Schank will be responsible for developing and overseeing the strategic direction of the communications team, including internal and external communication, crisis communication, and media relations. She will also work with the team to continue to explore and use new technology to deliver stories and messaging in a modern and creative way.

Undoubtedly, the newly promoted Director Schank will not only use this wisdom to evolve the City’s communication strategies, but also to foster development in her team members as they grow in their positions. Through this persistent leadership and knowledge, outstanding communication for the Southlake community and municipal organization will continue for years to come.