Sunday, December 3, 2023

Your Opinion Matters: Citizen Satisfaction Survey Opens October 2nd

The 2023 Citizen Satisfaction Survey (CSS) is opening next week, and we want your thoughts!

This survey is a biennial questionnaire the City creates to gather feedback on what is most important to residents, which areas we can focus on improving, and to gain insight into residents’ overall quality of life. Your opinion is the most integral source of information we have in designing a better way to serve you.

The Citizen Satisfaction Survey collects your feedback on a range of specific Southlake topics, including your thoughts on the City’s performance management, infrastructure upkeep, level of safety, and community engagement. This data allows us to be strategic and intentional in how we operate, keeping citizens’ most important issues at the forefront of all planning. It also helps us to ensure updates and details regarding issues you care about most are communicated swiftly and effectively, so you can rest confident knowing you are being taken care of.

We know you are busy – that’s why we have crafted an effortless survey that can be done from your phone. The minimal time it takes to complete the questionnaire gives us invaluable information that will drive our planning for the next two years.

This survey will open on October 2nd and close on November 6th, 2023. Make sure to be on the lookout for when it is available and provide your thoughts to the City before the survey closes!

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